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Информация Hiring testers / Legion


Команда форума
Good day! We have a vacancy at our Legion project in the testing department.

We are looking for experienced, talented, responsible, ambitious, young (and not very young) employees who perfectly understand some part of Legion game mechanics, have a lot of knowledge in their specialization, who are responsible for the assigned tasks, can build working relationships with colleagues, have flexible communication with players, colleagues and employers, can properly plan their working day, and also have enough free time to do the work.

In the bug tracker, as well as in personal messages of the administrators, players regularly write messages about the flaws (the kill of a mob is not counted in the objective for completing the quest or a player's ability has not specified additional effect, etc.).

Your responsibilities will include:
- checking these reports for validity, by testing the mechanics on our test realm;
- searching for information for the correct functioning of an ability/mechanic;
- if a bug is confirmed, you will have to write a report about that and attach it to a developer;
- after the completion of intership, it will be necessary to correspond with the players who submit reports to the bug tracker;

Other responsibilities will be discussed individually.
Requirements for this vacancy:
- 18+ y.o.;
- knowledge of Legion content (specifics will be written separately);
- responsible attitude to work;
- trainability (if you make the same mistakes over and over again, the vacancy will not suit for you);
- diligence, stress tolerance, objectivity (if you can not withstand criticism in your address and draw any conclusions from it, or can not clearly build relationships and communication with colleagues and players, then this vacancy is not for you).
We offer the following benefits in our department:
- training to search of information;
- training to write reports;
- training to work in the bug tracker;
- monthly salary depending on the work you perform in the currency of your choice (money or tokens);
- from 1 to 3 months for intership (during this period your salary must be in tokens);
- opportunity to combine work in our department with work in other departments at our project;
- opportunity to expand your knowledge and gain invaluable experience;
- anonymity if you would like your playmates not to know that you work on the project.
The application for the vacancy must include:
- age;
- game or work experience;
- discord for contact;
- or anything else if you think it is necessary.

It is not necessary to write resume here. You can send it to my personal messages.

The topic is exclusively for searching testers, not for discussion. All posts that do not look like an resume will be deleted without warning.